Summit of Cooperatives

La Coop fédérée, proud partner of the International Summit of Cooperatives taking place in Quebec City from October 10 to 13!



The Power of Co-operatives : Our President, Mr. Ghislain Gervais, met up with The Globe and Mail!
Find out how 'The shift towards digital technology in farming is a major challenge for La Coop fédérée, but also a significant opportunity' by reading the full article here

La Coop fédérée, as part of the Summit! 

La Coop fédérée will take part of the sectoral meeting on Agriculture and Agri-food industries. This meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 12th and will focus on the Agri-Food Cooperatives in the Era of international Partnerships : 

Organized with the support of La Coop fédérée and InVivo

It is recognized that the forging of business partnerships between cooperatives, which operate in each link of the agri-food supply chain, is a power to harness in order to counter competition and ensure the sustainability of activities. Technological developments in agriculture, the emergence of critical masses through firms consolidation, international trade of value-added products, cutting edge transport and infrastructure and new consumer trends, are some of the business partnerships catalysts that will be explored during this meeting. Participants will have the opportunity to examine the potential of these partnerships and exchange on the cultural, geographical and legal issues they raise.


  • Expose the strengths of the business environment that catalyze partnership development between cooperatives operating in each link of the agri-food supply chain.
  • Deepen the diverse nature and foundations of these business links.
  • Explore the possibility of reinforcement of these relations, and the issues they raise.

Facilitator: Nicolas Mesly

Opening remarks: Ghislain Gervais

Presentation: Global Trends Shaping the Future of Agribusiness (Mary Shelman)

Study report: Global Study on International Cooperative Partnerships in the Agricultural Sector​ (Michael Kamel)

Source : International Summit of Cooperatives