Sonic Energy inc.

The Sonic Energy inc. Sector at La Coop fédérée, which operates under the Sonic brand name, distributes a complete line of petroleum products to residential, commercial and agricultural customers, at the same time possessing a network of nearly 200 service stations throughout Quebec.

​​​​​Sonic is the largest independent Quebec distributor of energy products in Quebec. There is a fleet of 150 trucks that travel on Quebec’s roads in order to make home deliveries and to ensure comfort and peace of mind for the residents of Quebec. In addition to its products, Sonic Energy inc. also offers a complete line of appliances, such as furnaces, wood-burning stoves, air conditioners, water-heaters, pool heaters, BBQs, etc.

If you are a farmer, Sonic Energy inc. helps you to reduce your costs and your administrative paperwork by offering you all the products and services that you need to heat your buildings and home, and that’s without counting all the fuels, oils, and lubricants for your farm machinery. Sonic Energy inc. also offers you expert advice, emergency and maintenance services, automatic delivery, sales and financing services for storage equipment.

Whether it’s for stores, SME’s or a big industry, Sonic Energy inc. offers top-quality products, heating and storage appliances and equipment, without counting the line-up of expert-advisory services (automatic delivery, maintenance, emergency services, etc.) that respond to your actual needs. In addition, Sonic Energy inc. offers truckers a 24-hr self-service card for the commercial supply of uncolored diesel.

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