Donation and Sponsorships

Thanks to its donation and sponsorship program, La Coop fédérée supports many organizations in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. In addition to being involved in the agriculture community, La Coop fédérée invests in education and healthy lifestyle projects, and in cooperation and sustainable development projects. These activities demonstrate the extent to which La Coop fédérée is involved in the communities where it works. Nearly $ 600 000 invested in donations, sponsorships and bursaries in 2015 in the agriculture, healthy lifestyle, cultural and education sectors.


The initiatives supported by La Coop fédérée must offer it a stepping stone that allows it to meet one of the following objectives:

  • Increase the outreach of La Coop fédérée and its network
  • Promote the values of the cooperative movement
  • Support and promote the agriculture community
  • Support the communities where La Coop fédérée works
  • Support and promote education and healthy lifestyles

Preferred Sectors

La Coop fédérée is involve in organizations, events and causes that fall in line with the following sectors: