Retail and Innovation

In addition to operating in the agricultural sector, La Coop fédérée also works in retailing through its Sonic Energy inc. and Hardware and Farm Machinery sectors.

These two sectors allow La Coop’s network to serve not only farmers but also all consumers whether they are a member of the cooperative or not. Through its Sonic Energy inc., Unimat and BMR brands, La Coop fédérée offers energy and hardware products that meet the needs of people in the province.

Where is innovation in all this? At the heart of our ambitions, and this is what guides our actions, especially at Energy Sonic inc. Adding value to biomass and multi-energy service stations is what we work on every day. 

Hardware and farm machinery

La Coop fédérée has worked in the hardware domain since its creation in 1922, but officially launched itself in the hardware and farm machinery sector in 1977 with the opening of a distribution center in Trois-Rivières.

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