Mission and Values


Rooted in the agricultural community and leveraging its collective strengths, La Coop fédérée contributes to feeding the world by :

  • Developing an integrated cooperative network that supplies professional grade products and services, owned and managed by member agricultural producers;
  • Operating a network of complementary enterprises which are controlled by the members and affiliates and generate competitive profits, particularly in the hardware, energy, and meat processing sectors;
  • Enabling member producers to be part of the democratic coordination of the value-added production chain in which they are involved;
  • Encouraging cooperative education and by bringing cooperative values to life.


Building on a cooperative model that is profitable and responsive, La Coop fédérée will be recognized as a leader in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sectors, and the retail sector in Eastern Canada.


Ethics is lived through the manifestation of our values. These values ​​guide our behavior and our daily decisions. They also reflect the way we live cooperation at La Coop fédérée.

Each of us acts with an ongoing commitment to transparency, whether it is within the enterprise or with regards to relations with member-cooperatives and other stakeholders in La Coop network. Each one of us must be able to recognize our mistakes, give credit where credit is due and seek to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Everyone, including work groups, must treat their colleagues and partners in a fair and equitable manner. We believe that every individual deserves to find their place within the larger La Coop network,  be acknowledged and have room to grow.

Each person is accountable for their duties within La Coop fédérée, as they ensure the proper management of the members’ assets. While fulfilling their individual, mutual and collective commitments, each person must answer for their own actions, while also adhering to the goals of sustainable development.

Driven by the desire to assist one another, we guide each other in the advancement of our common objectives and projects to achieve them together. Working together in an open and cohesive manner, we collectively support the decisions that affect the common good of La Coop’s network.