Livestock production

Part of La Coop’s network is the largest team of agri-advisors specializing in livestock production. Comprised of specific services all along the agri-food chain, the Livestock Production Sector at La Coop offers renowned expertise as a service to producers.

In addition to being present in the poultry, pork, and ruminant sectors, La Coop fédérée has 11 feed mills spread throughout the network so that the operations, logistics and supply team can work to efficiently coordinate the meeting of customer needs. In order to create added value for customers and to ensure optimal product quality, our formulation and quality-assurance team works to process feeds designed by nutritionists at the lowest possible cost.

The Livestock Production Sector also has its own research and development team, whose practical knowledge in the field allows them to advise the network in the elaboration of research project protocols in order to achieve total quality!

The Poultry Production Service of La Coop’s network produces more than 40 million broiler chicks and more than one million laying hens, every year.

Did you know that 54 million eggs are incubated every year at Couvoir La Coop? With its modern facilities, our hatchery is the second largest in Canada, and the only one that has poultry contracts across the entire country.

The Poultry Service also owns some farms directly which allows it to constantly test the best breeding techniques and a range of top-performance feeding programs to meet the continually raised expectations of poultry farmers and for genetic standards of birds.

The Pork Production Service at La Coop is characterized by the Cooperative Pork Network, a group of stakeholders who have united their strengths and expertise to offer quality pork products at competitive prices to customers all around the globe. The La Coop Certified Pork program, a specific program that aims to satisfy the highest quality meat standards, is also part of the network’s success story. Discover the Cooperative Pork Network at

This service also aims to ensure a uniform supply of pork which is of the highest quality to meet the requirements of the most lucrative markets. Since January 2014, the technical services and advice to producers, such as herd management, animal welfare, meat quality, as well as Sogeporc Inc activities, a specialized affiliate for the improvement and marketing of pork genetics, are part of Olymel activities.

So, in close collaboration with Olymel, the Pork Production Service is present in the marketplace, from genetics to feed, from herd management through to processing, for the benefit of producers and consumers! 

The Ruminant Service brings together highly qualified experts who know producers’ everyday realities. With extensive expertise in nutrition and health, these experts remain on the look-out for the most recent research and seminars of interest.

As an active member of CRF (Cooperative Research Farms), La Coop participates in the development of numerous innovative and exclusive feed products and programs, allowing us to feed and advise the best dairy herds in Canada.

The Ruminant Service is also very active with young farmers, especially thanks to regional and provincial agricultural fairs and its involvement in activities for rural youth.

The service counts amongst its specialist advisors those in bovine production, as well as a team of experts dedicated to specialized productions, bringing together horse, sheep, goats, organic, and heavy veal productions.

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