La Coop fédérée has improved its position!

La Coop fédérée is now the 71st largest Canadian corporation. This information was revealed in the FP500, the annual ranking of Canadian companies compiled by the Canadian publication, The Financial Post.

In fact, La Coop fédérée has improved its position compared to last year when, according to the 2015 rankings, our organization was in 74th place. It was the total sales figures, which broke the six-billion-dollar barrier, that allowed La Coop fédérée to move up three places in the rankings.

Another point to highlight: we maintained our second-place position in the agri-food industry this year, right behind Cargill Ltd.

This performance is the result of the effort by each and everyone, and of this we can all be very proud. It is also a step towards our ambition to become known as a pan-Canadian leader in the agriculture and agri-food sectors.