La Coop fédérée celebrates the International Day of Cooperatives

La Coop fédérée is proud to celebrate the 95th edition of the International Day of Cooperatives. On July 1, the La Coop network will join thousands of cooperatives and cooperators from around the world to celebrate cooperation under the theme: Cooperatives ensure no one is left behind.

Cooperatives are effective entrepreneurial organizations that create wealth and millions of jobs. According to World Co-operative Monitor, there were 2,370 cooperatives throughout 63 countries with total revenues surpassed 100 million USD in 2014. The world's 300 largest cooperatives alone generate more than 2,500 billion USD, and allow more than 250 million people earn income as workers or members.

In Canada, the direct contribution of cooperatives to the GDP was 22.5 billion dollars in 2010. They directly employed 270,000 people. In Quebec, 3,300 cooperatives and mutuals are active in several sectors. They employ nearly 88,000 people. They contribute 3% of the province's GDP, or nearly 11 billion dollars.

For La Coop fédérée, to act in a way that ensures that no one is left behind is embodied every day by respecting the mission that we have given ourselves, which is to feed the world. It is also our ambition to be a leader in Canada's agriculture and agri-food sectors and the retail sector in Eastern Canada. This explains why today we are ranked as the first agri-food company in Quebec, second in Canada and 24th in the world in agri-food cooperatives. In all we do, four values guide our actions and inspire us: honesty, fairness, responsibility and solidarity.

To all members and employees of all cooperatives, in all sectors in Quebec and Canada, we wish you a wonderful International Cooperative Day.

"Alone, we go faster, together we go further.” African proverb