How to become a member?

La Coop fédérée is a federation of cooperatives. It forms, with its affiliated cooperatives, the main La Coop network. To become a member of our network, go to an affiliated cooperative near you, fill out the membership form, and buy a share.

Why become a member?

  • To do business with an enterprise that you are part of and whose only goal is to respond to your needs;
  • To exercise democratic control and decide on important orientations for the enterprise that supplies your goods;
  • To share in the financial surpluses produced annually by the enterprise;
  • To be able to become a director of your cooperative and enhance your interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills;
  • To promote an ethical, sustainable and inalienable enterprise that contributes to the prosperity of your community;
  • To be accepted into the Cooperative Investment Plan allowing you to save taxes while making good investments.
  • To receive a monthly information magazine, Le Coopérateur agricole.
  • To be a member of a local organization affiliated with the main La Coop network.