Environment & Sustainable Development

Guide for sustainable management of an enterprise
Creation and distribution of a guide for the sustainable management of a farming operation, with the provision of self-diagnostic tools.

Training on “Introduction to sustainable development and environmental management for directors and managers”
A training course called “Introduction to sustainable development and environmental management for directors and managers” is offered to allow leaders of cooperatives in La Coop’s network to learn more about the goals of sustainable development and ways to implement them within their cooperative.

Policy regarding eco-friendly events

All large events organized by La Coop fédérée are eco-friendly events that target:

Waste reduction by applying the 4RD principle, by composting and by making events zero-waste activities;

Responsible consumption by buying fair-trade, local and La Coop products, and;

The carbon footprint of participants who have to travel by reducing their greenhouse gas effect by investing in environmental projects.

On this subject, a system has been put in place in order to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of participants who have to travel to events organized by La Coop fédérée. An amount of money is determined according to specific criteria to subsidize environmental projects that neutralize the greenhouse gas effect.

As part of this effort to compensate for the greenhouse gas effect, funds gathered from eco-friendly events this year allowed La Coop fédérée to partner with the Coopérative forestière Ferland-Boileau, in the Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean region, to help finance the planting of 1,448 trees.

ÉcoRelève Contest
The ÉcoRelève La Coop Contest is focused on carrying out and promoting a project or initiative aimed at reducing the environmental impact of farming activities through sustainable agriculture. The contest invites current and former members of Fonds coopératif d’aide à la relève agricole (FCARA) to develop, by themselves or in partnership with other young farmers or their cooperative, a project that will have an impact at a social, environmental, and economic level, amongst others. The contest will award $20,000 to the winning project to assist with its implementation over the course of the following year. For more information on the ÉcoRelève Contest, visit: www.lacoop.coop/concours-eco-releve

Bio-products and renewable energy
La Coop fédérée created the “Innovation & Growth Service” on August 18, 2008. This division’s primary mandate is to identify, to anticipate and to develop new and promising economic activities for La Coop’s network, mainly in the areas of bio-products and renewable energy. The Innovation & Growth Service prioritizes the projects with a direct link to La Coop fédérée’s mission, and contributes to the economic, social and environmental development of farmers.

La Coop partnered with a Manitoba company now known as “Biovalco & Biovalco Innovative Products”, a leader in developing biomass products in Canada. http://www.biovalco.com/home/index.html

  • Development and marketing of a multi-combustibles system under the Blue Flame Stoker brand. http://blueflamestoker.com/
  • Active involvement in bringing together Vision Biomass Québec, which aims to replace 400-million liters of combustible fossil fuels.
  • Strategic investment in a treatment and densification factory for agricultural biomass in La Broquerie, near Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Investment in a biomass heat generation network in the Lower St. Lawrence region through Sonic Energy.
  • Involvement in two rural laboratories linked to agricultural and forestry biomass.
  • An agreement to collaborate in a project for a demonstration facility for producing 2nd generation bio-fuels from cellulose.

  Click here to download the environmental policy of La Coop fédérée in pdf.