Crop production

Today, the Crop Production Sector at La Coop is the largest supplier of seeds, crop protection products and fertilizers in Québec and eastern Ontario.

The network is able to meet the needs of farmers in terms of quality products and services in order that they can operate their farms optimally thanks to its trademark Elite brand, and a highly qualified team of more than one hundred agri-advisors and specialists.

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, La Coop network’s crop production research farm is among the largest private research organizations in Canada! With more than 100 hectares of crops and a team of 20 researchers, La Coop develops and tests new genetics in order to offer its members a variety of the most productive Elite seeds.

In addition to Quebec, research activities are conducted outside of the province, with Elite corn and soya seeds being distributed across Canada

Elite is a Quebec leader in seed development, and has been for more than 30 years. Elite specializes in the development and sale of seed for corn, soya, canola, grains (wheat, oats, barley), and forages, distributed exclusively in Quebec by La Coop’s network and by its partners outside of the province.

The variety of Elite seeds offers quality products adapted to each region of Quebec. Our expertise allows producers to maximize the productivity of their crops, all the while benefitting from agronomic advice from the team of highly qualified experts. Due to their education in agronomy or technology, the expert-advisors belonging to La Coop’s network have the big picture in mind for each customer’s enterprise.

From grain corn to canola to soya processed for human consumption, Elite has what you need. Discover our products here!

La Coop is an important player in the fertilizer industry, meeting the specific needs of farmers in Quebec and eastern Ontario. Did you know that La Coop offers clients logistics support and availability for fertilizer products amongst the most competitive on the market?

With 41 plants and blending centers, the network is present throughout the province and has considerable storage capacity. Our facilities include more than 600 granular fertilizer spreaders, 200 soluble nitrogen applicators and 200 transport tankers.

The two distribution centers in Sillery and Côte-Sainte-Catherine along the St. Lawrence Seaway allow the Crop Production Service to access various base materials, delivered by boat, train or truck from Egypt, Russia, the United States, and several other countries around the world. 

There are more than 1,000 crop protection products, coming from major suppliers in the industry, that make up La Coop network’s overall provision to farmers. This service, also known as “plant protection”, brings together pesticides and field-applied specialty fertilizers under the same roof. The group is composed of five main categories, these being herbicides (weeds), fungicides (fungi and diseases), insecticides (insects), seed treatments, and specialty fertilizers.

More recently, a new line of liquid fertilizers, Folium3, has been added to this service. These value-added fertilizers, designed as much for cash crop producers as for horticultural production, are sold exclusively by cooperatives. Discover everything you need to know about Folium3 here!


Agrocentres is a retail sales network located in central and south-western rural Quebec (Nicolet, Joliette, Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Pie, Farnham, and Saint-Rémi), along the St. Lawrence Valley. La Coop fédérée has 50% of the shares in this network. The other half of the shares are held by business partners, such as the managers of these businesses.

The Agrocentres are exclusively dedicated to and specialized in crop production, and distinguish themselves by their unparalleled service, their technical knowledge, and their dynamic entrepreneurial approach. The team at the Agrocentres includes a hundred employees who work closely with farmers in their respective regions.

Les Semences du Québec Seeds (SQS)

SQS is a parallel network with cooperatives, but above all else is a distributer and wholesaler (seeds, fertilizers, crop protection) for the Agrocentres network and some independent retailers in the apple sector. SQS benefits from supply and logistics services at La Coop fédérée. Its sales force, through the Agrocentres and independent retailers, is in addition to the ones already present at the network of local cooperatives.

Agronomy Company of Canada

Since 2008, La Coop has been the owner of the Agronomy Company of Canada, an enterprise working mostly with agricultural input supplies and services for crop production and with offices extending into Ontario and the Maritime provinces.