La Coop Academy

La Coop Academy is a training center comprised of training and specific learning programs aimed at developing the knowledge of directors, managers and employees at La Coop fédérée, as well as those in the network of affiliated cooperatives.

The main functions of La Coop Academy are:

  • Undertake needs analyses;
  • identify training priorities;
  • establish the content for training programs;
  • develop ways to deliver the training activities;
  • develop recognition and acknowledgement of the information that has been taught and;
  • create partnerships with universities, colleges and renowned experts for certain programs.

Training programs at La Coop Academy:

  • Cooperative directors (since 1999);
  • Cooperative general managers (since 2005);
  • Cooperative marketing managers (since 2005);
  • Expert-advisors from La Coop’s network (since 2002);
  • Hardware store managers (since 2002);
  • Hardware and construction materials personnel (since 2003); and more:
  • Training programs targeted at the needs of certain sectors (Ex. establishment of BMPs or HACCP standards)