The Board of Directors


Poultry and crop producer

Elected to the La Coop fédérée Board of Directors in 2011, and as first Vice President in 2014, Ghislain Gervais has sat on the Board of Directors of La Coop Agrilait for 12 years, including 11 as President. Graduate in Gestion et exploitation de l’entreprise agricole (Agricultural Business Management and Operation) from ITA, the Saint-Hyacinthe campus, Mr. Gervais is a poultry producer in Saint-Guillaume. He runs two poultry barns with a capacity of 24,000 roast chickens each.


First Vice President
Dairy producer

Ms. Dubois holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from the Université Laval (1992). Since she finished her studies, Ms. Dubois has been farming at her parents’ farm in Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults with her husband, Stéphan Rouleau, who also holds a degree in agricultural economics from Université Laval.


Second Vice President
Dairy producer

Mathieu Couture was elected to the La Coop fédérée Board of Directors in 2011. An agronomist by training and 1983 Laval University graduate, Mr. Couture is a dairy farmer in St. Ephrem, Beauce. Before settling on the farm in 1984, he was a consultant to La Coop St. Casimir, Portneuf for a year and a half. Today he runs a herd of 140 Holstein and 242 hectares of land, with his daughter Marie-Pier, a graduate of the ITA, Saint-Hyacinthe Campus.


Member of the Executive Committee
1st Executive Committee Dairy producer

Richard Ferland was elected to La Coop fédérée’s Board of Directors in 2014. Constituting the fifth generation of a family of farmers, Mr. Ferland and his wife, Odette Desrosiers, acquired the family farm in 1990, in Sainte-Marie. Since then, the production has double; Mr. Ferland owns a herd of a hundred cows.

He has been the Administrator of La Coop Unicoop since 1998 and chaired as President from 2010 to 2014. Mr. Ferland is a graduate of the ITA, La Pocatière Campus. He is also the father of nine children.


Dairy producer

Elected to the La Coop fédérée Board of Directors in February 2002, Normand Marcil has also been an Administrator for Nutrinor, agri-food co-operative of Saguenay Lac St-Jean, since 1993. A graduate in agricultural technology from Alma College, Mr. Marcil runs, as a joint owner with his two brothers and his son, a 427 hectares dairy and cereal farm, located at Normandin.


Member of the Executive Committee
2nd Executive Position Dairy producer

Marc-André Roy has been a director at VIVACO groupe coopératif since 2013 (at the time La Coop des Bois-Francs) and has been the second vice-president since June 2015. In February 2016, he was elected to the board of directors for La Coop fédérée.

Mr. Roy runs a dairy operation with his wife Nancy Lefebvre since 2005. Through his wife, he was a part of the line of Lefebvre's who were named the 2015 Farming Family of the Year.

His operation, Ferme Jal Royal Inc., counts 100 milking cows, and nearly 325 hectares of land for growing corn silage, and grass and legume hay.

A graduate from Cégep de Victoriaville in the Farm Management and Technology Program, he represents the 4th generation of Roy’s on this land. Furthermore, with his parents, Jean-Claude Roy and Monique Champagne, and his wife Nancy, they were the recipients of La Coop Farm Transfer Award in 2008.

He is the father of four children, two of whom study at the Institut de technologie agricole (ITA), Saint-Hyacinthe campus, and who are preparing themselves to take over the farm.

Mr. Roy was also active within th



Cathy Fraser has been a director with La Coop fédérée since February 2015. She represents Territory No. 8, the provincial territory reserved for a woman representative. Elected in 2010 to the Board of Directors of La Coop St-Casimir, now merged with La Coop Univert, she has held the positions of vice-present and member of the credit committee since 2014. She is now member of the Board of Directors of La Coop Novago. With a diploma in civil engineering technology, Ms.


Dairy and crop producer

Elected to La Coop fédérée’s Board of Directors in February 2016, François Drainville has sat on the board of directors for La Coop Agrivert since 1993, and for 20 of those years, as president. He is now member of La Coop Novago's Board of Directors.

A graduate in dairy production from the École d’agriculture in Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière, Mr. Drainville runs a dairy operation with 45 milking cows in La Visitation-de-l’île-Dupas in Lanaudière. Sharing ownership with his wife Maryse Gélinas and one of his sons, Francis, they also have 117 hectares of land which is used to produce forages and some corn and soybeans. He also has two other sons.

Mr. Drainville has also been the mayor of his municipality since 2013. When he was younger, he was involved in various organizations in his region, such as La Relève agricole, la Société d’agriculture and the well-known Exposition de Berthier.


Grain farm, forestry and hay producer

Adrien Pitre has sat on the board of directors for La Coop la Matapédienne since 2003, where he has also occupied the role of vice-president since 2013. In February 2016, he was elected to the board of directors for La Coop fédérée.

With an Attestation of Collegial Studies in farm business management from the Cégep de Matane, Mr. Pitre and his wife Solange Lavoie acquired his father’s dairy operation in 1986.

In 2010, he transformed it into a grain (50 hectares), forage (65 hectares) and forestry (200 hectares) farm. He represents the third generation of the Pitre family on this land located in Albertville in the Matapédia Valley.

Adrien Pitre is a founding member of the CUMA de la Matapédia, of a solidarity cooperative (convenience store, garage, snacks) in Albertville and of the farm management club in Matapédia. He also acted as a municipal councillor of Albertville in the 1990s.


Dairy producer

A graduate in Plant Science from Université Laval, Patrick Soucy was elected to La Coop fédérée’s board of directors in February 2016. With his wife, Annie Claessens, they run a dairy operation in Lévis (Saint-Nicolas), with 50 milking cows and 65 hectares of land on which they grow mostly alfalfa.
This father of four children, aged 7 to 12 years, started his professional career as an expert-consultant for La Coop Unicoop in 1995.

He occupied the position of General Manager for the cooperative in Princeville at the beginning of the 2000s and assumed the same role at the Sillery distribution centre in 2006.

Then, in 2008, he built his barn on the land he acquired in 2002 and thus became a full-time dairy producer.

Elected to the board of directors for La Coop Seigneurie in 2009, he has occupied the position of second vice-president since 2010.

He has also been a director on the board of directors for Promutuel Assurance since 2008.


Dairy producer

Director on the board of directors for the Groupe coopératif Dynaco since 1999, Jean-François Pelletier has occupied the role of vice-president there since 2014. In February 2016, he was elected to the board of directors for La Coop fédérée.

Mr. Pelletier runs a dairy operation in La Pocatière. It has 40 milking cows and 72 hectares of land used as a grassland as well as to grow cereals and corn silage.

Married for 28 years to Suzie Duval, he is the father of their two children who are both studying at the college and university levels.

Jean-François Pelletier has also been a director at the Caisse Desjardins de l’Anse in La Pocatière since 1999. As well, he has also been involved in the young farmers’ organization and the local syndicate for his region. ​

Réjean Vermette


Réjean Vermette was elected to the board of directors for La Coop fédérée in February 2016. He occupies the position reserved for a director of a specialized purpose or consumers’ cooperative, and this for being the director of the Cooperative Pork Network.

Mr. Vermette was a part of the implementation committee for this network and has assumed the role of president since 2012.

Réjean Vermette is a farrow-to-finish pork producer in Saint-Simon in Montérégie. He runs his operation – counting 1,500 sows and producing up to 34,000 pigs per year – with his daughter Caroline, his two sons Philippe and Mathieu, and his nephew Alexandre.

He also owns 800 hectares of land on which he grows corn, soybeans, and barley. The Vermette group employs 20 people full-time.

In 1986, Mr. Vermette won the Gold Medal and the prestigious Commandeur title as part of the Ordre national du mérite agricole. Since then, Mr. Vermette has been a five-time judge for this contest.

Réjean Vermette counts numerous years of involvement in pork production organizations, including the Société des éleveurs de porcs du Québec, the Centre de développement du porc du Québec, as well as the Centre d’insémination porcine du Québec as a director for 10 years.

He was also a municipal councillor for Saint-Simon for 10 years.​

Robert Dutton

External Member

As president of RONA from 1992 to 2012, Mr. Dutton carried out many operational and structural changes. Under his leadership, this company experienced sustained growth and became the largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, renovation and gardening products. Mr. Dutton has a BBA in Administration, and in 2012, he received an honorary degree from the Université de Montréal. Since 2015, Mr. Dutton has been an associate professor at HEC-Montréal and is the chairperson of the advisory committee for Executive Education.


Dairy producer

Benoit Massicotte was elected to La Coop fédérée’s Board of Directors in February 2012. His involvement with La Coop’s network goes back to 2004, when he joined the cooperative CoopPlus (now La Coop Univert) as a director. He is now member of La Coop Novago's Board of Directors. With a diploma from École d’agriculture de Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière (specialization in dairy production) in 1983, today he operates a dairy farm and agri-food enterprise with his parents, Paul and Lise Massicotte, his wife, Linda Frigon and two of his brothers, André and Louis.

David Mercier

Poultry producer

Elected in territory # 6, on February 22, 2018, at the annual general meeting of La Coop fédérée, David Mercier, a native of Saint-Roch-Ouest, in Lanaudière, is a broiler breeder who owns the Ferme Mercier & Beaudry inc.