La Coop network’s Agri-Evironmental Service works with farmers from all across Quebec.

The team, made up of 40 expert-advisors directly involved with farms along with specialized consultants to help them, works closely with expert-advisors in the cooperatives’ livestock and crop production sectors to annually produce more than 3,000 agri-environmental fertilization plans (PAEF) and phosphorus assessments.

To stay up-to-date with their job, continuous training is offered to expert-advisors, information bulletins are published and tools to assist them are developed.

In addition to the PAEFs and phosphorus assessments, La Coop network’s Agri-Environmental Services include:

  • request for a certificate of authorization or notice of project from the ministry of the environment (MDDELCC)
  • soil profiles
  • analysis of farm- based fertilizers
  • support for precision farming
  • preparations for using fertilizers from residual materials (FRM)
  • working with producers towards practices that respect the environment and are affordable at the same time
  • being involved in demonstrations of sustainable agriculture