Founded in 1922, La Coop fédérée is the largest agri-food enterprise in Quebec and it is the 24th largest agri-food cooperative in the world.

La Coop fédérée represents more than 120,000 members, producers and consumers grouped into nearly 70 cooperatives with operations located across Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. 13,150 people are employed at La Coop which has annual revenues of $6.3 billion. Including its affiliated network, La Coop fédérée has more than 18,000 employees and revenue of $9.2 billion.

La Coop fédérée is present throughout the agri-food chain and, as well as being a wholesaler, it also provides agricultural producers with all the goods and services necessary for their operations. Its activities are separated into three Divisions: Agri-business (livestock and crop production, and grain marketing under the Elite and La Coop banners), Groupe BMR inc. (under the BMR, Unimat, Agrizone and Potvin & Bouchard banners) and Olymel (under the Olymel, Flamingo and Lafleur banners)

What is a cooperative?

  • an association of people who collectively take responsibility as entrepreneurs;
  • an enterprise whose joint owners are also the users;
  • an enterprise which has the ultimate purpose to maximize the various advantages that members receive as entrepreneurs, as users, and as citizens of the community;
  • an enterprise that uses capital without making it a power to be exercised by its members;
  • an enterprise with by-laws that guarantee equality in the exercise of authority and equity in the allocation of contributions and in the sharing of results amongst all members;
  • an enterprise that promotes inter-cooperation to develop its business dealings and contribute to the development of its milieu;
  • an enterprise that makes education one of its essential operating mechanisms, especially by sharing knowledge and information.

Source: Conseil Québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité

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