The Agri-Economics Service was developed in order to help producers increase the profitability of their farming business.

This service, offered across all of our sectors, helps to improve La Coop’s service offer, and to consolidate the links between our products and services and resulting profits.

The Agri-Economics Service is principally comprised of:

  • Training of agri-advisors and producers in economics;
  • Conception of smart business tools and dashboards in order to improve profitability;
  • Development of budgeting or economic simulation solutions;
  • Technology watch and communication of business opportunities to producers;
  • Monitoring technical-economic indicators to align results with producers’ objectives;
  • Developing contacts with other economic players;
  • And compiling group technical-economic analyses.

The Agri-Economics Service is a business solution with an influence that reaches out to different stakeholders across the network. Learn more about it today!